Lara Tv Stand

Lara Tv Stand Firnuture for Living Room

Caliskan Furniture masters take advantage of the best techniques and the most advanced manufacturing processes to create products that meet the highest standards of precision and durability. Our company has a wide range of expertise including wood, coating, various metals, leather and stone, and our products are uniquely suited to various settings. Hard-working furniture has been mentioned in a wide range of environments from residence to commercial and hospitality. This comment rejects the established escapism and advocates the creation of truly durable beauty objects, carefully crafted objects designed for a lifetime of use. Hardworking Furniture sees protection and recycling as the cornerstone of the environmental movement and the company is dedicated to such practices. Caliskan Furniture is a company that believes that quality is more than a slogan and that innovative design that matches precise craftsmanship and authentic materials can produce enduring valuable objects.
Çalışkan Mobilya TV Stands is a clean and effective solution for storing things you want to see and things you do not want to show. Caliskan Furniture design is at the center of this media console. The versatility of TV stands provides endless possibilities; As a wall is split, like a media center among others. Hardcore Furniture Tv Stand wears exterior colors. The white matte finished lacquer frame gives this article a contemporary feel. The highest quality standards of past times are built today.

Product Width (Cm) Height (Cm) Depth (Cm) Quantity
Tv Stand 180 170 45 1
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Tv Wall Unit:18mm E1 Particleboard, 3 Open Shelves, 2 Drawers with concealed soft closing slides Slides Soft-Close Functionality (HETTICH), All Connector Parts (HETTICH), The rear panel 6mm mdf and is passed directly to the slot without using nails, All sides PVC edge banding 1mm
For all items Assembly required and Easy Assembly Guide includes in box.